Compressed air contains pollution, in the form of water, oil and particles.

Therefore, it is important that compressed air is filtered with a professional and economical complete air filters.
At the same time, it allows you to change filter elements more regularly. Which increases safety and minimizes energy costs.

Proper maintenance and regular replacement of elements, ensure the function of the filters. This provides a continuous quality of the compressed air in your system, and thus a better and safer end product. Remember that even filters in new compressed air systems can be heavily contaminated.

The pollution of the compressed air comes partly from the surroundings and partly through the compression process. Water is a common component of the air around us. And it condenses out automatically when the air is compressed. It is therefore important to post-treat and filter your compressed air before sending the compressed air further out into the system.

There are often also safety and environmental legal requirements for compressed air quality. Just as there are almost always quality requirements, both from customers but also quality assurance standards.

With complete air filters from EKO-Filters, you are guaranteed a quality and advantageous compressed air filter element solution. Which ensures your compressed air system a longer service life, and that your product can live up to the standards set for compressed air quality.


BOGE F series filter housing

BOGE F series


Hankison SPX Complete filter

Hankison SPX NGF Series