Why replace Filter elements?. Compressed air contain polution, such as water, oil droplets, oil aerosols, and particles. Therefore, it’s important to have an efficient filtration of your compressed air. We offer a high Quality, professional and affordable air filter element, which also allows you to replace the compressed air filter element regularly. The replacement elements from EKO Filters, helps you to ensure a continuous quality of the compressed compressed air, in your system. Which gives you a better and more safe final product. Remember that, even filters in new compressed air systems can be heavily contaminated.

Particles are introduced by ordinary compressors. While water automatically condenses during the compression proces. It is therefore important to remove this contamination, by an effcient filter combination, before submitting the compressed air into your pipesystem.

It is often a requierment by law, or by Quality standards, to secure a certain degree of purity. Like pneumatic systems where ultra-compressed air is required, also very often set high demands of purity.

With compressed air filter elements from EKO Filters. You have secured a high quality and profitable filter element solution. That guarantees longer service life of your euipment, and meet the highest standards for compressed air safety.

We have alternative compressed air filter elements for the brands Domnick Hunter Filter element, Walker Filter element, Zander Filter element, Kaeser Filter element, Atlas Copco Filter element, Compair Filter element, Donaldson Filter element and Hankison Filter element.