Do you have an AGRE Filter?

Then EKO elements AG-series will have a filter element that fits in your filter housing.

Which ensure you same, or better filtration of your compressed air. But at better prices and with more benefits.

Our EKO elements AG-series are available in all variants. They are available in the same sizes and finenesses (grades) in which you are used to ordering your AGRE filter elements.

You will find your alternative to your AGRE filter element as follows:

Choose the right series.
Then choose that fineness. (Grade)
Then select size or number.
(As you know from their current filter element.)

You can, with advantage, search for the current product no. on your filter element, to match the correct EKO-Filter element.


EKO Elements AG-Serie

EKO elements AG G1


EKO Elements AG-Serie

EKO elements AG G2

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